Software Updates in 7.6+

March 9, 2023

Applies to

  • Cablecast 7.6 and newer
  • For updates to systems on versions 7.3 - 7.5, please refer to this update guide.

Feature Overview

With version 7.6 Cablecast updates can now be done right from within the Cablecast interface. In previous versions, the update had to be run manually on each server in your system.

The 7.6 update change saves time both for users and the Cablecast team because

  • Updates for all secondary systems are done in parallel
  • No desktop access is required
  • Servers aren’t accidentally missed during the process

The option to install is optional and is only presented to the user after the installer has been successfully downloaded to all the Cablecast servers in the system.

The initial update to 7.6 will be done the same way as with previous 7.x versions. After that initial update, future updates will be as described.

Viewing Updates

At the main menu you will see a blue bar referencing updates are available.

You can also access the software updates screen by going to "Settings" > System Settings" > "Software Updates". If updates are available, you'll se them listed here.

Items that show "Release" are updates that are stable for public release and have been tested thoroughly. Beta customers can also get Beta versions through this interface. To view Release date, and notes on a specific update, click on the "Details" button.

If you see multiple updates, you may proceed to download the latest update, you do not need to install each update sequentially.

Installing/Applying the update

On systems with multiple servers, you will see a window titled “Cablecast Update In Progress” displaying each of your servers and their update status. The update will be applied to each server with the status changing from “pending” to “complete”. The update will apply to the host server last.

After the update is installed on the servers in your system, you will be greeted with a window confirming the successful update. Click on the blue "Dismiss" button to finish the process.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Q: What if I or the user doesn’t want Cablecast automatically installing updates at bad times.

The Install phase requires the operator toclick the Install button. The install can still be done manually, or initiated at a later time if desired.Cablecast will never automatically install an update without user interaction.

Q:What if the installer gets stuck?

All non-host machines are updated first. During this time the UI will remain response and will report what machine / server is not updating properly. If the installer does truly get stuck, a support ticket can be opened just as if the user had an issue running the installer manually.

If the installer gets stuck during update of the host system the UI will be unavailable and the user will need to create a support ticket to get the issue resolved by contacting

This feature will only be available after an initial 7.6.0 update, which means that systems will not be doing BIG updates from old versions, just routine maintenance updates which generally have a very high success rate.

Q: Only some of our users can see the updates.
The software updates feature can only be accessed by admins or users who have the "Modify System Settings" access right. If there is a user that should have access to fetch software updates on your system, please review they have the proper permissions setup for their user account.