Carousel 7 EOL Announcement to Cablecast Customers

January 10, 2023

Carousel 7 EOL Announcement to Cablecast Customers

In 2020, Carousel Digital Signage made the End of Life announcement for Carousel 7 software along with a three year plan for customers. As we enter the third year of that plan, we want to make sure everyone is keeping up with their system’s status and options available for Carousel 7 digital signage deployments. Below are some quick answers to common questions. For more details, read the full Carousel 7 EOL announcement and FAQs or feel free to contact our team to discuss your options.

Q - Once Carousel 7 is EOL'ed, will my Carousel system still work?
A - Your Carousel 7 software shouldn’t suddenly cease to work, but if you start to experience issues, you won’t be able to fix them with maintenance or security updates.

Q - Will I still get software updates for Carousel 7?
A - Maintenance updates for Carousel 7 concluded in 2022. Starting in 2023, there will be no more updates issued for Carousel 7.

Q - But we love Carousel, and my team already knows how to use it! Is there any way to avoid having to switch to something else?
A - Carousel Digital Signage is our sister company, and we love them too. Depending on your needs, Carousel Cloud or Cablecast CG can replace your Carousel 7 deployment with minimal change to your current workflow. The user interface will look very similar and both will offer some great new features. Contact our team to discuss these options.

Q - Should I change? We don’t allow EOL software.

A - If your organization does not allow end of life products, consider CablecastCG or Carousel Cloud as an alternative. Contact our team to discuss these options.

We may update this post as we get more questions from users. Do you have a question not addressed here? Reach out to us at