Configuring Cablecast Pay to Download and Donations

June 11, 2024

Cablecast Pay to Download and Donations

This article aims to show how to set up a Cablecast system to allow payed content downloads and donations for a Public Internet Channel.


  • Reflect Plus
  • Gold or Platinum Assurance
  • Monetization Enabled in Cablecast Cloud Services

Stripe Verification

This feature uses Stripe as an intermediary to handle payment information and keep a history of transactions. You may use an existing Stripe account, or create a new one to link with Cablecast.

  • Start Verification from Cablecast Cloud Services
    • Once Monetization is enabled for your Organization, a new "Monetization" card will be displayed on your Organization page.
    • Click "Start Verification" to be redirected to the Stripe verification process.
Start Verification Button on Cablecast Cloud Services
  • Link your Stripe Account
    • Enter your Stripe account's credentials or create a new Stripe account.
Verify your personal details in Stripe
  • Enter Personal and Business Information
    • Provide Stripe with the information outlined in this article. If you have connected your business with Stripe before, simply select the Stripe business account you would like to use with Cablecast.
  • Verification Complete
    • You will be redirected back to Cablecast Cloud Services once you have entered the necessary information.
    • If your account has payments enabled, you will see this confirmation screen.
Stripe Verification Complete
  • Otherwise, use the "View Dashboard" button to check the status of your verification and/or change your business details.
Stripe View Dashboard

Verification Approval

When verifying a new business with Stripe, it can take up to 24 hours for payments to be enabled on your account.

Show Price Searches

Once Stripe verification is complete, you will be able to configure your Public Internet Channels to have a Donation button and Pay to Download content. This section covers how to configure the pricing of your payed content.

  • Monetization System Settings
    • These new configuration options are located under System Settings : Monetization.
Cablecast Monetization System Settings
  • Show Prices
    • Show Prices are used to categorize Shows into different costs.
    • Click "New Show Price".
    • Enter a "Name" and "Price".
    • Click "Save".
Show Price Dialog
  • Show Price Searches
    • Show Price Searches apply a Show Price to all Shows within a Saved Show Search. The priority of Show Price Searches can be re-ordered, so Shows spanning multiple Saved Show Searches take on the price of the "highest" Show Price Search.
    • Click "New".
    • Enter a "Name", choose a "Saved Search", and choose a "Show Price".
    • Click "Add".
    • Click "Save".
Show Price Search Dialog

Public Internet Channel Configuration

After creating at least one Show Price Search, new configuration options for your Public Internet Channel will be available to you.

  • Navigate to Internet Video : Internet Channels : Your Public Internet Channel : Edit. A new "Monetization" tab will be present.
Edit Internet Channel Monetization Tab
  • Enable Pay to Download
    • Enabling this option will cause the Public Internet Channel to display a "Buy Now" button on any of the "Site Content" which falls within a Show Price Search. Ensure your Show Price Searches overlap with your site's content.
  • Donations
    • Enabling this option will cause the Public Internet Channel to display a "Donate Now" button in its header.
  • Thank You URL (Optional)
    • Input a valid URL users will be redirected to after submitting a donation. This is optional, not setting this value will redirect customers back to the Public Internet Channel.
  • Minimum Donation
    • Set the minimum value allowed for a single donation.
  • Maximum Donation
    • Set the maximum value allowed for a single donation. This must be greater than the set minimum donation.

Commence Purchasing!

Your Public Internet Channel is now properly configured for content purchasing! Allow a few minutes for your new channel settings to be synced with Reflect Plus.

  • Pay to Download
    • Click "Buy Now..." underneath the video player to purchase content.
Buy Now Button
  • Users will be redirected to Stripe to make the transaction.
  • After purchase, users will be redirected to a download page for them to download their purchased content.
Purchase Complete Page
  • Users will also receive an email with the content link for them to download at their leisure. This link will expire in two weeks.
Purchase Content Download Email
  • Donations
    • Click "Donate Now" on the channel header to make a donation.
Donate Now Button
  • Users will be redirected to Stripe to make the transaction.
  • After purchase, users will be redirected to the configured "Thank You URL" or back to the Public Internet Channel.