Cablecast Cloud Services: Cloud Storage

December 28, 2022

Cablecast Cloud Services: Cloud Storage.
Cloud Storage is one of the many add-on services that are available through a Cablecast Cloud Services account.

Cloud Storage is meant as backup and archive location for your assets. A place where you can store assets that are important to your playback capabilities, and know they are available to be restored from with a Cablecast 7.5: Workflows

Once a Cablecast Cloud Services account has been connected to your system, information for the service(s) paid for will be available for viewing from within your Cablecast UI's Main Menu, and from within your Cablecast Cloud Services account.

From the Main Menu in Cablecast, you will see a quick summary of information. When Cloud Storage is connected with your system it will show up here with information of the amount of space used and how many Assets are stored there.

To make use of your Cloud Storage, we will go to your File Stores page within Cablecast. Settings>System Settings>File Stores. (Under System Configuration)

Your Cloud Storage will show at the top of the File Stores list as a Backup and Archive type. Along with the information on Assets and connections. More information about File Stores can be found in: Smart Asset Management: File Stores

Log into your Cablecast Cloud Services account to see your storage limit and estimate of storage used.

More information on accessing Cablecast Cloud Services can be found here:

If you seek to have the storage limit expanded, contact your Cablecast Sales