Cablecast Reflect: Benefits of the service

January 5, 2021

Subscribing to our Reflect service is a great way to not worry about streaming bandwidth limitations on your network. The cost of the reflect service has:

  • No Data Caps
  • No Max File-size allocation
  • No viewership limits

No strings attached. For one yearly fixed rate, you get all the benefits of using a Cloudbased CDN service.

Can I stream without using Reflect?

Yes, you can actually stream using your own station's bandwidth. But, the one thing to keep in mind when using your own IT infrastructure is that your bandwidth has a sufficient upload speed to keep up with the viewership demand.

For example, lets say your VOD and/or Live content bit-rate is 2.8mbps (pretty typical for 720p content). This means for each viewer you have for your content, you'll need to keep up with 2.8mbps per viewer. If, with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), you're paying for 10mbps upload speed, this means you can have up to 4 simultaneous viewers before you run into content delivery issues.

If your internet can't keep up with the viewership demand, your viewers will start experiencing buffering issues. This means their content will keep pausing while it tries to keep up with all the other users requesting video content. This would be the case with both VOD content or Livestreaming your channels

What's the bandwidth benefits to using Reflect?

When using Reflect, you're only streaming your content out ONCE to our CDN Server, and then our server feeds the content to your viewers, putting the bulk of the bandwidth requests on the Cloud CDN Server.

This means your 2.8mbps video content only needs to stream once to the Reflect server. No matter how many viewers you have.

So, no stuttering live streams or server error messages whether 3 or 300 people are watching!

Using Reflect to extend to OTT Hardware

When using Reflect, you also have the ability to stream your VOD and Live content to Roku, Apple TV®, FireTV, iOS, and Android devices! Checkout our website for more details .