Resolving Server Access: Unable to connect to https://localhost or http://localhost

January 14, 2021


Some customers updating to 7.1.x who have https bindings might run into an issue where none of their players update and they cannot configure new players. Another symptom involves issues with weather bulletins and web snapshots not loading external images correctly, such as weather condition icons. The update sets an incorrect value for ServerURL in the dbo.Options table; the value is https when it should be http. The following error will be displayed in System Health:


On the Cablecast server, open SQL Management Studio and run the following script:

USE CablecastCG;
UPDATE dbo.Options
SET Value = ''
WHERE Name = 'ServerURL'

Reboot the Cablecast server. Players should start to update automatically within a few minutes. The server error may remain for CablecastCG systems.


Although the ServerURL is http, this does not impact TLS/SSL settings for player connections or web connections when logging into Cablecast (if set, those connections will continue to use https).

*Similar script can be used to fix this in Carousel as well. Replace CablecastCG with Carousel50, and remove the :55001 port from the URL if SSL is not enabled in Cablecast.

This can also cause CableDisplay bulletins to disappear if the system does not recognize the ServerURL correctly. CablecastCG must use for the listed ServerURL.