Cablecast Manual


Thank you for picking Cablecast and thank you for choosing Tightrope! We appreciate your business, not only because we depend on it, but because we really believe in Cablecast as a uniquely powerful tool that has changed the lives of our customers since 1999. Your choice inspires us to keep going.

This is the Cablecast Manual and it is intended for anyone who will be involved in the automation of your station. This manual does not include:

  • Instructions on installing and configuring the system for first-use. New systems include commissioning service for this purpose.
  • Instructions on installing or upgrading the Cablecast software. New systems ship with the software pre-installed.
  • Specific information about 3rd party device configuration. This is covered in the Cablecast Control Module Reference Guide.

Customer Service

For customer service, please contact your dealer or Tightrope Media Systems directly: