Cablecast Hardware Warranty & Support Start Dates

April 29, 2024

Before we begin, it is recommended that you already have some knowledge about what Cablecast Hardware Warranties & Support can do for you.

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Cablecast Hardware Warranty

New Cablecast hardware comes with a 3 year warranty that can be extended to a 5 year warranty. Your warranty begins when the hardware leaves the factory.

Please note that Cablecast hardware warranties cannot be extended beyond 5 years.

Example: You purchased new Cablecast hardware in January, but didn't get it installed and configured until April. Your hardware warranty started in January when the Cablecast hardware was originally shipped.

Cablecast Support

Your Cablecast support contract does not begin until the day the system has been officially commissioned by Cablecast.

Example: You purchased your Cablecast system with Platinum Support in January but the system wasn't installed and configured until April. Your Platinum Support contract would start in April.