What Is Channel Branding?

January 4, 2021


In Cablecast, we give you a lot of ability to customize and brand your channels in the styles of your station. With Cablecast 7.0 we took that a step further by improving the channel customization and bringing it right into the User Interface. Now you are able to set and edit the style of your Bug Text, Crawls, and Bug Graphic very easily directly inside the software.

In addition, with Cablecast 7.0 and the new VIO line of servers, we give you the ability to perform SqueezeBacks with your Bulletin Board and your Filler content. This gives you a great clean transition between scheduled programming and interstitial content like PSA's and Promos.

Customization is done within the Channel Settings and we show you how in the following sections from our New User Training webinar videos.

Note that If you are setting up channel branding for the first time, you will need to adjust the positioning of your graphics. Crawl placement may default to being off-screen on legacy systems. We recommend starting at 10 px for the crawl placement. We also recommend leaving the Bug and Crawl Background off unless you have graphics uploaded and set for those items.


Channel Branding Overview

Bugs & Crawls

SqueezeBacks (VIO Only)