Using Closed Captioning Sidecar Files with Cablecast

January 20, 2021


Starting in Cablecast 7.1 we now support the use of sidecar files for closed captioning data. It will require you are using a VIO or Flex server. Sidecar files will not work with the legacy SX line of video servers. This is a fast and convenient way to add captions to your programs. Many caption products and services can author sidecar files including Enco enCaption, and Telestream CaptionMaker.

Sidecar files can be placed alongside the video file on the content drive at any time without the need of transcoding the source video. Because the sidecar files are text based and small compared to video they are quicker to move around, replace, and change than captions embedded in the video file itself.


Cablecast 7.1 will support two different sidecar variants. They are:

  • MCC (MacCaption) cea 708
  • SCC (Scenarist) cea 608

For the sidecar file to be recognized by Cablecast, the file must have the same exact name as the source file with appropriate extension.

When you make your show VOD enabled or play the program via a Cablecast Live, the captioning data will follow to those as well.