SQL Server Jumps ShowIDs by 100s

August 23, 2022


Show ID's will suddenly increment by several, leaving gaps in the Show ID's on a system.
Example: Show ID's increment pattern will be [...], 501, 502, 503, 584, 585, 586 [...]


Cablecast on its backend uses a database to store all its data, and this is where Shows store their information. When shows are created, they create Show ID's. The Cablecast database has a feature where it will use caching to optimize read/writing to the database for speed. This helps with the speed of which it interacts with the database. Infact, this is common practice with applications that interface with a database.

The cause for a sudden leap in the identification numbers with show records is because of a ungraceful interruption with the database backend. This can be caused by a number of different recent events impacting the servers routine functions, including, but not limited to:

  • Accidental Ungraceful Shutdowns
  • Power Loss
  • Windows updates
  • Operating System Crashes ("Blue Screen of Death", etc)

This behavior of caching is safe and doesn't cause any issues with Cablecast. Even with this "ID Cache jumping", Caching is good to keep enabled for performance reasons. Disabling the cache can cause an increase in load times when writing to the database. The occasional jump in ShowID's is not a reason for concern, and may safely be ignored.


The jump in show ID's is not a functional problem of Cablecast, and is not a reason of concern. Although, If showID's jump in numbers frequently, it might be worth investigating why the Cablecast server is frequently being interrupted:

  • If you need to shutdown a Cablecast server, its best to safely shutdown windows
    • Suddenly removing AC power, or holding down the power button of Cablecast isn't recommended
  • If the location of your server frequently loses power (Storms, Construction, Popping Breakers, etc), it might be worth installing a Redundant Battery Backup
  • Frequent Blue Screens / Operating System Crashes
    • Work with Cablecat Support to determine a reason for these crashes, and a resolution