RSS Feed Support in CablecastCG

January 15, 2021

CablecastCG can use RSS Feeds to bring in dynamic bulletsin for your Bulletin Board. This is great as it reduces the amount of times you need to update your bulletins with fresh content.

Examples of RSS Feeds can include content such as (but not limited to):

  • Local News
  • Weather Alerts
  • Weather Maps
  • Word of the day
  • Articles from web-pages

To create an RSS feed, Select your zone, create a new bulletin, click the "Dynamic" sidebar item and choose "RSS".

Content compatibility

Our software can read both plain-text, basic HTML formatting, and display images within an RSS feed. CablecastCG works best with the ATOM 1.0 web standard.

Limitations of RSS feeds on CablecastCG

Please note that CablecastCG cannot display videos within an RSS feed. This means if you are pulling an RSS feed that has a video file as a part of it, it'll be unable to display / play that video. (This also stands true with Carousel versions of the software as well for bulletin-boards).

If you need to have a video play within a bulletin, you can still upload the video file. Uploaded H264 MP4 files have the best compatibility with CablecastCG.