Reflect Live & Reflect VOD Subscription Limitation

January 12, 2021

As of Cablecast 7.x, we changed the way "Web Video" is distributed. This change does not impact users currently on Cablecast 6.x.

If you own both Cablecast Live encoder(s), and a Cablecast VOD system, and want to use any part of Reflect services, you need to purchase Reflect Bundle.

If you self-host, and use no part of Reflect currently, you are not impacted by this.


Q: I self host and do not use the Reflect platform at the moment. Am I impacted?
A: No. You may continue to operate the way you currently are.

Q: I want to use Reflect for my VOD, but self-host for my Livestreaming.
A: Because of the way Cablecast works on the back-end, you cannot choose à la carte subscription services. Its either all or nothing.

Q: I currently use half Reflect and Half self-host. I think my system stopped working properly. Help!
A: We'd be happy to take a look. Email or click on "Open Ticket" at the top right.

Q: I have only a Live unit (or VOD) and don't have the other hardware. Can I still only use Reflect Live or Reflect VOD?
A: Yes! If you only have one of the web video hardware items, you do not need to purchase the Bundle Item.

Q: I currently already use half Reflect and half self-hosted, What happens to my service?
A: We will be reaching out to customers who are impacted by this. We will give a grandfathered discount for a year of service and/or find another solution that works best for you. Please contact with any concerns.