Limitations of CablecastCG

February 22, 2024

CablecastCG Limitations

CablecastCG and Carousel are very similar to each other in user interface as well as features. But there are some specific features that are currently not available in CablecastCG.

  • Video Blocks Bulletins
    • Videos uploaded as an "Uploaded" Bulletin still work, that is, ones that play as a full screen
  • Interactive Bulletins
  • Track Impressions on Bulletins
  • Only supports “Fade” transition
  • Does not support scheduled Channel Changing

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you had a Background Audio Playlist, you will need to set-up and re-import those audio files to make your background audio playlist again.

To learn more about CablecastCG be sure to watch our CablecastCG New User Webinar Video