Installing User Fonts for Use with CablecastCG or Carousel

January 15, 2021

In order to utilize user supplied Windows fonts in CablecastCG and Carousel, they need to be installed in a specific manner.

1. Locate the File with the Font to be Installed

Use Windows File Explorer to locate the font file you want to install.

2. Install the Font for All Users

Right-click on the font file and select Install for all users. Do not choose the standard Install option.

3. Reboot Cablecast Server

Once you have installed all of the user fonts, the Cablecast Pro Server should be rebooted. This will allow all of the Cablecast processes to detect the new fonts and make them available to CablecastCG and Carousel.

Open or create a new bulletin in either CablecastCG or Carousel. Go to the Layout screen and verify that the new fonts are available in the Font section of the text block.