How to: Animated Weather via ScreenFeed

January 15, 2021

For users wanting to add a Radar Map in motion into Carousel or CablecastCG.

Video Walkthrough

This method uses Screenfeed, which is a paid subscription service. We cannot provide technical support for issues with the Screenfeed RSS feeds. Screenfeed is a service not to be mixed up with Screenweave. Cablecast is not affliated with Screenfeed.


Creating the feed

  1. Navigate to
  2. Go to "Content" / "Weather" / "Animated Weather Radar"
  3. Its recommended you try the trial before subscribing
  4. Once you've started your trial (or purchased), go to your account feeds (
  5. "Create a feed beneath "Animated Weather Radar"
  6. Select "Media RSS"
  1. Select "16:9" (or 4:3 if thats your zone aspect)
  1. Select with content you want to include (National or Regional) and configure options.
  2. Name your feed
  3. Done! It'll give you a feed URL, please save this somewhere as we'll need it later.
  1. Navigate to your zone you want to create the map
  2. Create a new Dynamic / RSS bulletin
  3. Name your bulletin
  4. Ensure you're in the "Dyanmic Tab"
    1. Paste in your Feed URL from Screenfeed
    2. You should see something like "This feed contains 6 items".
    3. Change "Total Bulletins" to match that number
    4. Items per bulletin should remain 1.
  5. Go to the "Layout" tab
    1. Delete all the blocks in the editor
    2. Create a new block, give it a name of "image" and set the type to "Web Picture"
    3. Drag the box to span the entire canvas / zone.
  6. Go over to the "Content" tab
    1. In the "Image" box, copy and paste in #ItemImageURL#
  7. Go to the "Extras" tab
    1. Turn off "Let the system decide dwell time" and set it to 1 second
  8. Publish!

Create a few loops

Your feed will only loop once then move on. If you want your map to loop a few times, you need to duplicate the item a couple times.