How much video content can the VOD hold?

January 15, 2021

Applies to

  • Cablecast VOD 6, 12, and 24tb Variants (ProVOD440 Series)


We sell VOD servers in 6, 12, and 24tb flavors. Depending on your needs should reflect which VOD server size to purchase. We understand that measuring a VOD server in terabytes isn't the most user-friendly to everyone. So we wrote this KB to help you understand the different servers, and how much hours of content they can hold.

Remember the file size for your shows will vary depending on which format they're saved as.

  • A NTSC MPEG (720x480) is 10.9 gb per hour.
  • A H.264 (720p) video is 25.9 gb per hour.
  • A H.264 (1080p) video is 42.3 gb per hour.

VOD Video time (in hours) 6tb12tb24tbNTSC (SD)55911182236HD H.264 720p236472944HD H.264 1080p3787561512