How Does The Fill Gaps Feature Work?

January 13, 2021


In our continued quest to make your day-to-day efforts with scheduling that much easier, we have vastly improved our tools to fill the space between your programming. By default, your system will be set up to have Bulletin Board as your default source. What that means is when there is nothing scheduled to playback on your channel, the system will automatically switch Bulletin Board out to your Channel Output. This is great as you don't have to worry about anything as the system will take care of it for you.

But sometimes you might not want to have Bulletin Board play all the time in your programming gaps. Maybe you want to use some filler content such as PSAs, promos, or Station ID's. you could either manually schedule all of those programs but that can take time when they are short 30-second shows. This is where the Fill Gaps feature in the schedule comes into play. Fill Gaps will take all that work out of your hands and help you schedule interstitial content with ease.

In the video that we have linked below, we will walk you through the steps of how to use the Fill gaps feature and all the advanced features as well. Look for the chapter on Fill Gaps.

Fill Gaps