File Names in Cablecast 7.5

January 27, 2023

Be sure to visit this KB article for more info on linking Digital Files to Show Records in Cablecast 7.2+.

In Cablecast 7.5, file naming conventions have changed slightly from previous versions of Cablecast. When a new show is created from an unlinked file on the Assets page, the ShowID-ReelID is no longer added to the prefix of the file name. This is because you can now link a video to multiple show records.

You can still manually add the ShowID-ReelID to the file name if you'd like. An example of when you might want to do this is if you are recording a file to the video server and want to link it to a new show record that's been pre-scheduled for rebroadcast. You can set the file name for the recording to be ShowID-ReelID-filename.mp4 and the file will automatically link to the Show Record once it is available on the server.