Custom Fonts on Bulletin-Board

January 15, 2021

Be advised: This article refers to custom font usage with standalone CG players (CG3xx players) only. This article will be updated with information on VIO based CG Custom fonts as more information & testing is performed.

If you have a specific need for a certain font on your Carousel Channels, you can add your own custom fonts. Custom fonts need to be TrueType Font (*.TTF file).

To install a custom font to Carousel, you need to access your Carousel server (The actual physical server, not the Carousel Web UI), and install the font like you would on any windows system (More about that here). Once the font is installed, you can now select the font in the Carousel web UI and the Carousel server will render bulletins using that new font.

If a bulletin that renders in real-time on a player & uses a custom font (such as the clock bulletin), you'll need to install that custom font on each player that displays that bulletin type.

Additional Information