Channel Override function

January 12, 2021

Channel Override

Channel Override is a function found within the Force Matrix which allows you to override the output of the channel. It is best used when you have a live program that has a variable end time, it allows for other users to work on creating schedules and sending AutoPilot without knocking your source off line.

To turn on Override Schedule click the Channel Output button at the top of the Force Matrix:

When we put a Channel Output into Override Schedule, it will first ask us to confirm the action with a popup window:

When we confirm (click the Blue Take button), the Force Matrix looks like:

The Channel Output will be highlighted in Red, and the input that is selected will have the text: "(Overridden)" in red.

Having the Channel Output set to Override Schedule will keep the Channel on whatever input is selected. It will override any schedule that is in place, and will not switch back until Override Schedule is turned off.

To turn off the Override Schedule mode, we need to click the Channel Output button again, which brings up a new popup window:

If you leave the "Execute last overridden switch when resuming" box checked, this will tell the system to execute the last event that was missed while in override. For example, if there was a program scheduled that should currently be airing, it will route that file and play it out as if you're joining the program in progress. If you don't check off that box, you will need to manually control the routing until the next scheduled program runs, at which time automation will resume.

The "Enable Crawl" option will create a crawl for you. You'll be able to enter your text and set the duration that you want the crawl to run for. An example of how you might use this would be to put a message up saying, "We are now joining our program in progress." Note that in order for the crawl functionality to work, you'll need to ensure that you have crawls enabled in your channel branding settings. See this KB article about enabling bug and crawl graphics: What Is Channel Branding?

By confirming (clicking the Blue Take button), Override Channel will turn off.