Cablecast Support Overview

March 29, 2022

When to Contact Cablecast Support

It is best to contact Cablecast Support when you are having a problem with the Cablecast System. Examples:

  • Encountering an error within the Cablecast or CablecastCG applications.
  • You are trying to perform an action in Cablecast or CablecastCG and it is not working.
  • Encountering an error or problem when updating your Cablecast software.
  • You are having a hardware issue with one of the Cablecast servers and need to initiate an RMA process.

You will also contact Cablecast Support for training-related items. Perhaps that is to schedule a training or Co-Pilot session or to ask for guidance/assistance with a particular workflow.

How to Contact Cablecast Support

We like to track all incidents and requests through our ticketing system. Below are the preferred ways of contacting support.

  • Help Center:
    • Includes all Knowledge Base articles
    • Ticket Submission form
  • Email:
  • Phone: 612-979-9719

When not to Contact Cablecast Support

Cablecast Support will always do our best to assist you, but there are items outside our control. Examples:

  • Network or internet-related issues
  • Environmental variables (electrical/power, HVAC, AV wiring, local computer/workstation issues, 3rd party equipment, etc)

How Cablecast Provides Support

Cablecast Support will work with you via phone, email, and/or remote access to your system.

  • Cablecast Support uses TeamViewer for remote support/access to your Cablecast system.
    • TeamViewer can be turned on for the duration of remote support, then can be turned off when not in use. If a customer wishes to have Cablecast Support connect to the server(s), TeamViewer would need to be turned back on.