Cablecast - Keyboard Shortcuts

December 11, 2020

Applies to

  • Cablecast Systems


Cablecast has keyboard shortcuts that can be used while scheduling to help speedup your workflow. This can save time instead of using the mouse to preform these functions. This information is also available in Cablecast by pressing the ? key while in the scheduling interface.

Key ComboAction+Go to next day-Go to previous daytGo to todayjAdvance to next runkAdvance to previous runxSelect focused runaSelect all runsctrl+cCopy selected runsctrl+vPaste copied runsshift+dDelete selected runsm then uMove selected runs upm then dMove selected runs downm then bMove selected runs by durationm then tMove selected runs to a timectrl+zUndo last operationctrl+shift+zRedo last operation