Audio VU Meters

March 7, 2023

Audio Meters

Introduced in Cablecast v7.6 the Cablecast Video Server Engine now measures audio levels of the video server outputs, SDI inputs, and network stream sources. Audio levels are measured at the same point as thumbnail previews are taken and are averaged measurement between thumbnail snapshots. The scale measures in dbFS (decibels relative to full scale dBFS ). Our meters are color coded with the following range:

  • Red 0 to -10 dbFS
  • Yellow -10 to -20 dbFS
  • Green -20 to -60 dbFS

Meters display peak level recorded between thumbnail snapshots.

Meters should be used for high level monitoring and confidence. They are NOT a replacement for test and calibration equipment.

There is no configuration on the scale, no options to turn them off or adjust the color coding. Meaning after upgrading to Cablecast 7.6+ these will automatically be enabled.

You will see these Audio Meters displayed anywhere device thumbnails are used. So on your main menu dashboard, Force Matrix, etc.