Adding Cablecast Engineering To Your Apple Account

July 30, 2021


This article will show you how to add the account to your Organizational Apple Developer account. Performing these steps will allow the Cablecast Engineering team to generate the needed certificates, publishing profiles, and other assets needed to build and upload your white labeled Screenweave app to apple.
This article assumes that your have already enrolled in an Organizational Apple Developer account. You can begin the enrollment process here:

Step 1 - Log into your Apple Developer account

You can log in at the link below:

Step 2 - Add Cablecast Engineering Account

  1. Once logged in, navigate to People
  2. Click Go To App Store Connect
    1. You can also click here if already logged in:
  3. Click the + button to add a new user
  4. Fill in the user details with the following information:
    1. First Name: Cablecast
    2. Last Name: Development
    3. Email:
    4. Check Admin under roles
    5. Check Access To Certifications, Identifiers & Profiles
    6. Click Invite

The Cablecast Engineering team will now be able to develop and upload a white labeled Screenweave application.