Where can I find shorter rails for my Cablecast servers?

January 12, 2022

All Cablecast servers include adjustable rack rails that can be used for racks that are between 26.5" and 36.4" deep. The rails clip into square-hole racks, and threaded and unthreaded adapters are included for use with other racks.

In the event that the server is being installed in a rack that is shallower than 26.5", SuperMicro offers shorter rail options that can be used with racks between 19" and 26.6" deep.

For 1Uunits such as a Cablecast VIOLite or Cablecast Live use the following rails with part number MCP-190-00056-0N

For 3U units such as a Cablecast VIO2, VIO4 or Cablecast VOD use the following rails with part number MCP-290-00058-0N