Reset or Replace CMOS Battery on Cablecast Systems

April 19, 2023

Items required

  • A replacement CR2032 battery, can be sourced at most retail stores or from Amazon .
  • A small flathead screwdriver for removing battery
  • A small Philips screwdriver for removing case screws that secure lid

The example shown uses an SXLE but the steps are much the same for most Cablecast servers


  • Unplug and remove server to gain access to the top lid.
  • Remove screws that secure top lid if applicable, the location and release mechanism will vary depending on the model.

  • Slide lid back and lift lid to remove and expose motherboard.
  • Locate CMOS battery.
  • Remove CMOS battery, it is recommended to use a flathead screwdriver to depress the latch so the battery will pop loose
  • Depress power button on the server for 15 seconds.
  • Insert replacement CMOS battery or reinsert existing one for a forced reset. Insert at an angle then depress until latched.

  • Reinstall lid and secure system.
  • Power up, this effectively erases the motherboard settings so startup may take longer than usual and have a restart before booting into windows.