Making Cablecast more Remote Friendly

January 19, 2021

These articles should help any operator that needs to work with the system remotely.

  • Accessing Cablecast Interface Remotely
    How to access Cablecast, and Carousel remotely as more and more station operators are working from home. This article will describe the different approaches to be able to operate your Cablecast system remotely.
  • How to remotely upload content
    How to add files to a Cablecast system while operators work from home.
  • How To Broadcast Live Internet Streams
    How to re-broadcast live streams that are available from various internet sources. This article will describe several different methods for rebroadcasting internet streams as well as pros and cons for each approach.

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If you have a need that is not outlined by one of these articles, please feel free to reach out to us.

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