Finding the IP Address of Your Server

January 13, 2021

Your cablecast system is a web-based UI which can be accessed through any typical modern web-browser on your desktop or laptop. Since our interface is responsive, you can even access it through a tablet or mobile phone. Neat!

Though, you'll need to know your IP address of your server to login.

  1. Find your Cablecast head unit.
    1. If you have video on-demand, this is typically your VOD server
    2. If you dont have video on-demand, this is your SX, Flex or VIO server.
  2. Access your server with a directly connected Keyboard, mouse and Monitor.
  3. On Windows 10, Right click Start, and click Command Prompt.

    If you're running Windows 7, Press Windows Key + R, and type cmd.
  1. In the command prompt, type in ipconfig and hit enter on your keyboard.
  1. Find your Ethernet adapter and look at the IPv4 address.
  1. Now on another computer on the same network, open a web-browser and type that IP Address in the address bar.