Cablecast CG Channel Layout Explained

October 6, 2021

CablecastCG operates on the concepts of Channels, Zones, and Bulletins. This guide will talk about this structure in more detail.

Here is a visual for what a Channel in CablecastCG might look like.

A channel is everything that you see on your display/output when it is turned on. All of the content you build is displayed on a channel.

Channels are broken up into 1 or more Zones. Zones are individual areas on your channel that you can put your content in. Users build content for specific zones.

Zones are placeholders for 1 or more Bulletins. Zones contain many different bulletins made up of important messages, audio, video, images, and alerts. Bulletins are the actual visual elements that you put on the display for all to see.

We get into more detail on these concepts in our CablecastCG New User Training Video. Specific section on Channel Layout can be found here. LINK