Cablecast Commissioning Process

September 11, 2023

Whether you're brand new to the Cablecast system, or an existing user who is upgrading their Cablecast system or adding a new video server to their system. The Cablecast Commissioning process follows the same steps for all.

The Commissioning process on average will run two (2) weeks, there are instances where the process can be quicker or slower. It is all dependent upon information collected and when our calendars line up with available times.

You've purchased a Cablecast server!

You'll receive an email from us at <Cablecast Support via salesforce> telling you about the shipping time of the server and who your Cablecast Customer Success Manager is. Following this email will be a message from your Customer Success Manager, to setup your Commissioning Kick-off Meeting.

Commissioning Kick-off Meeting.

The Kick-off meeting is a short meeting where we will go over the purchased system, appropriate contacts, high level plan/scope to integrate Cablecast, and information that we will need to collect from you before we can schedule the next meeting. The Kick-off meeting is best held shortly after your order has been processed and before you have the physical servers. This meeting allows us, your Cablecast Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help you with how the system would be integrated to your existing network, collect and update our account information and give you a point person who you will be working with through the commissioning process.

After the Kick-off meeting, is the Integration Review. This meeting takes place after you've responded to the forms and questions brought up within the Kick-off meeting. On average there is a small delay between the Kick-off meeting and the Integration Review meeting due to the need of collection of information, such as wiring diagrams, internal static IP addresses, and external addresses. This will require working with the IT team to allow integration of the servers and making sure the servers have been turned on and connected to mouse, monitor, keyboard, or a KVM switch with internet access (TeamViewer used for remote connection).

Integration Review Meeting

In this meeting, your CSM, or a member of our team will host a phone call or Zoom meeting with you and your team where we can remote into the system with TeamViewer and review the information gathered from the Kick-off Meeting. We will review all of the connections between Cablecast servers and your Cablecast system, and help get migrations started if needed.

Once we have the information for your system: (your CSM will go over with you which are needed for your system review) Then we will schedule the Commissioning meeting.

  • Internal Static IP Addresses per server,
  • External Public Facing IP and/or DNS Address for Host unit (If applicable),
  • Router information (if applicable)(how it connects to the system)
  • Router I/Os for your system
  • Resolution for playback and number of I/Os to be used per server
  • Phone number for your Installer


The commissioning meeting is where your CSM will configure Cablecast for the environment, based on the information provided and confirmed during the Integration Review. CSM will also test the functionality of the system. When complete the system is ready to hand over to the users.

Post Commissioning

After your system is commissioned, your CSM will provide links to the free Cablecast and Cablecast CG training videos. If training hours were included on the order, a scheduling link will be provided.

If there are additional questions or any issues after commissioning, simply reach out to us with an email to or use the support form